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LATEU met with colleagues who were involved in staff development activities within their schools to share good practice today.  It was agreed that the group of colleagues who were nominated by their schools would remain in contact with Fiona Grindey in LATEU to share relevant activites that were happening in their Schools and that the network would share themes generated from the Staff Development folder within the LTERAP.   Notes from the meeting will be sent to the group shortly.

Fiona is also going to keep the LATEU web site up to date with information about good practice across the University.  Anyone with an interest in utilising this network and would like to share good practice in education should get in touch with Fiona Grindey.


Education in the University of Tomorrow

March 23 – 27  

Learning and Teaching Week starts next week and is a fully packed week of events.  Please see the LATEU web site for detailed information.  The Keynote for this week is Professor Mike Neary from Lincoln University who will be presenting: Learning Landscapes; Building a Contemporary University.

The University island in Second Life has now been launched and is available for everyone to access. Anyone is welcome to have a look around and if they would like a guided tour, then please contact Fiona Grindey. The address of the island is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/University%20of%20Southampton/151/54/26

There is space available for Schools to use within the island.  Fiona Grindey is the coordinator for educational activity on the island and can be contacted as above.   There are several projects running in Second Life all the details will soon be on the LATEU web site. 

LATEU recently hosted a Good Practice Lunch for the Centre for Language Studies entitled ‘Prepare for Success’ Julie Watson from the CLS gave a presentation about this new online University of Southampton created resource aimed at International Students (although all students could benefit from some of the materials).  Based on a range of interactive activities through a web site, staff were able to view how they could be used and also have a go themselves.  The Prepare for Success web site was a UKCISA funded project and is available nationally.

Good Practice Lunches are regular educationally focussed events. If you would like to attend the Good Practice Lunches then please ask to be put onto our mailing list.