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Virtual Worlds – Update

Posted on: 23 October, 2009

As you may or may not be aware LATEU have been instrumental in coordinating projects working in Second Life, on the University Island.  They have been running for nearly a year and have proved to be very successful (full evaluations etc will be available in due course).  It seems though, that we now have to think about the future direction for virtual worlds (not just Second Life) as we are all facing reduced funding (or even no funding!)  To that end, I am going to get a steering group together to look at how we move this along.  The initial aim will be to ask the project leaders to be members of the group as they have had first hand experience of using virtual worlds for teaching and research and also to gain input from other interested members of the University community.

I hope that this group will be able to review the experiences of the last year and use this to guide us along.  It does seem reasonable that we should extend the good work that has been created as a result of the efforts over the last year.

As soon as any progress is made here, I will report back to this blog with an update.   Again, if anyone has any questions about this or who would like to be involved please get in touch.


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