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This video aims to help tutors and learning support staff consider the issues faced by international students studying at the University of Southampton. It includes contributions from students in a variety of schools and from members of staff with particular expertise in this area. There is much food for thought.

The video was devised by Bill Brooks, Hazel Chauhan and Karin Frydenlund and produced by e-Media, with support from the University’s Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund.

A new section of the LATEU website provides a link to the video, along with data about the numbers and distribution of international students and links to useful resources.


Staff are invited to apply for funding for projects and activities which support the achievements of the University of Southampton Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy and the University of Southampton E-Learning Strategy. The scheme is open to all staff involved in teaching, or learning support, and individuals or teams may apply.

There is a common application scheme for the two funds and initial applications require the completion of a one page “Expression of Interest” Form. The deadline for submission of Expression of Interest Application forms is noon on Wednesday 15th October 2008.

The funds can be used for projects of varying scale and nature. Ideally, the intention is to free up staff time for an agreed period so that effort can be focused on developing learning and teaching. Staff may collaborate with colleagues from their School, other Schools or Professional Service.

The criteria that will be used to select projects to be funded are:

  • Alignment with the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy
  • Enhancement of the student Experience
  • Transferability across disciplines
  • Value for money
  • Sustainability of the project
  • Collaboration with other Schools
  • Evaluation of Outcomes & Impact
    – a clear method to evaluate the success, outcomes and impact of the project

See our website for full details of the funds and application procedures

The Collaborative policy and External Relationships in Education policy documents are being revisited by the Quality team in LATEU along with members from Schools and Professional services.  Hopefully the process of creating and maintaining educational relationships with institutions in order for students to gain an award from Southampton will become a lot easier as a result of this work.  For further information, please contact Fiona Grindey.

Southampton Solent University have launched their Second Life campus.  It is not a recreation of their real life campus but a really well thought out and creative space.  More information can be accessed from here.

The three SUSU Sabbaticals of greatest relevance to learning and teaching within the University are:

Union President – Alexandra Tanfieldpres@soton.ac.uk

VP Education & Representation – Joe Leigheducation@soton.ac.uk

Postgraduate Officer – Katherine Pennypostgrad@soton.ac.uk

The adoption of a new visual identity and logo for the University in February 2008 provided an opportunity to create a PowerPoint ‘design template’ that not only matched the new style but also maximised the usability and accessibility of slides.

LATEU collaborated with Communication Services, the Learning Differences Centre and the Assistive Technology Service to produce these template.

The new template is available from the LATEU website, along with two short videos illustrating good slide design principles and showing how to install the templates.