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Archive for June 2008

We are actively seeking suggestions for the next programme of Good Practice Lunches.  Overall, feedback about the lunches has been very positive and some suggestions for future speakers have been sent to us.  We are still open for suggestions and welcome any ideas you may have.  Please contact Fiona Grindey if you would like to book a session or for further information etc.


We have now been sent the full QAA Audit report.  This is available via our web site. If you have any questions about the audit report then please contact us.  The University was awarded the best outcome possible which was ‘confidence’ in both academic standards and learning opportunities.  A small number of actions were suggested in the desireable category which we will be taking forward over the next academic year.

Julie Watson from the eLanguages team will be presenting the Arrival UK course at the Third International Blended Learning Conference mid June.  More details can be found here from their own website.

As you may have already realised, the Good Practice Lunches have now concluded for this academic year.  This prompted the question from the LATEU team that it would be a good time to get some feedback from all of our colleagues.

As we are planning for the next academic year, it would be useful for us to know what you thought were the strengths and weaknesses of these events and where we could improve. This could be anything from the format to the catering.  All comments are welcome.  Please contact Fiona Grindey.