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Supporting International Students – Help Required

Posted on: 28 May, 2008

Do you have experience, either as a student or as a member of staff, of higher education in another country? If so, would you be willing to share your knowledge and insights with me?

I am currently in the process of drafting guidelines for lecturers with responsibility for helping international students adjust to the demands of teaching, learning and assessment in the UK. Arguably the differences between the UK and elsewhere with respect to, for example, contact hours, styles of lecturing, small group teaching, marking criteria and information literacy, are greater than the similarities. Thus, international students are often surprised or even shocked by what they find here. Equally lecturers may find it difficult to know how best to support them in their transition from what is familiar to what is unfamiliar. Hence it is important to provide as much guidance as possible. This is likely to be more credible and robust if it is informed by inputs from those with direct experience of higher education elsewhere. Which brings me back to my appeal.

If you would be prepared to spend up to an hour discussing this topic with me please do get in touch. My email address is rmo2@soton.ac.uk I look forward to hearing from you.

Roger Ottewill



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