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The eLanguages team have been successful in bidding for funds for their latest Secondlife project. Ann Jeffery and Julie Watson have been actively involved in the development of the virtual world of Secondlife for educational use which has culminated in the M3 bid. Also involved is Ann Jeffery, who was previously involved in the Cardenio project funded by the Subject Centre for Language Learning Area Studies and Linguistics on teaching and learning of culture.

M3 uses Secondlife and Moodle and uses Twitter as a convergent technology to bridge both learning environments. It offers a range of technology options to the class group and links with podcasts and vidcasts within Secondlife and Moodle. Details of the M3 bid can be accessed here


The Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (LLAS) HEA subject centre recently hosted a one-day symposium on e-learning at the Avenue Campus. Adam Warren of LATEU attended this, and his report (llas-e-learning-symposium-08-report.doc) is linked from this post. You can also see and hear recordings of the main sessions – the initial keynote by Jon Dron of Athabasca University, Canada, was particularly interesting.

Colleagues working to improve the quality of the feedback presented to students after assessment might like to look at this video resource that is available from the HE Academy web site.  This is part of the resource made available through the Student Enhanced Learning through Effective Feedback project.

View the video here.

The LTEF project from 2007 – Risk Assessment Education : Utilising interactive video for teaching health and safety for civil engineering students has now completed its first video.  This traffic engineering video can be viewed here: http://users.ecs.soton.ac.uk/jtp/projects/interactiveVideo/  So far the response from the students has been extremely encouraging, the laser safety video is also being prepared and will be ready soon.