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Institutional Audit – update

Posted on: 17 January, 2008

The preliminary visit by the QAA Audit team took place 17th December and we now have details for the requirements for the visit in February.

The trails that the auditors have selected affect Humanities (BA English) and SOES. In addition, they want further documentation on the approval of the BSc Management with Entrepreneurship and documentation on the addition of the fourth college to the FdA Working with Children and on the European Masters in Design and Technology.

With respect to the meetings they have asked for the following meetings:

Meeting 1 – 1 hour – Arrangements for research students and staff development

Meeting 2 – 45min – PGR students (this only involves students)

Meeting 3 – 1.5 hours – Quality processes, in particular through the trails

Meeting 4 – 1.5 hours – The education agenda

Meeting 5 – 1 hour – The student experience

The auditors have also asked us to provide updated lists (including Collaborative provision and Progression accords) and Assessment Feedback forms.

Finally, (but not least) they would like to have sight of any Minutes of meetings (including SSLCs) for this academic year that will have taken place by the time they return in February. So we ask that you ensure that your LTERAP Evidence base for 2007/8 is kept up to date.

Schools and individuals will be contacted over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, a mock audit was organised for the 9th January, everyone involved in this was contacted at the end of the last term.

Further information can be found on our website or by contacting Mary Morrison or Ian Giles.


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